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Craft Fair Season Is Just Around the Corner

Craft fairs

As a crocheter, I never really thought about prepping for the season of craft fairs UNTIL I started selling retail.

Holy smokes.

My first year selling at craft fairs and making custom orders almost drove me away from crocheting. I literally had people picking up their orders until noon on Christmas Eve…from my doorstep.

The following year I was in a retail location, I made over 300 hats. By myself. And nearly burnt out….again.

Eventually, I learned my lessons. As much as you might hate love seeing pumpkins in my photos right now…I’ve got to be one season ahead.

Last year you cleaned me out of handmade pumpkins and Halloween themed coffee cozies.

And you know what season is after Halloween…that’s right. Christmas.

If you stay on trend, I’ll need about 50 scarves ready to go on October 1, 2023 – the day I begin my “artist in residence” at Cask and Vine in Derry, NH.

ohhhh…and should I spill the beans about some of my shawl pins? They’re so awesome. You know, I think I’ll save the first look for my email subscribers.

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