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Don’t Miss The Surprise Me Crochet Pattern Bundle!

As the Gift Season is starting, I’m even more excited for the gift opening part of the holiday season, and the time to make yourself something special too. Simply crocheting WOW patterns that may even challenge you a bit (great for the mind to always stay young).

And in order to get you feeling like it’s finally the WOW season, I’m so excited to share the Surprise Me Crochet Pattern Bundle with you.

If there’s one thing that helps me unwind in my down time, it’s crochet. Plus, handmade crochet projects make such perfect gifts all year long, even if the make is for yourself. Some selfish and challenging crocheting is always welcomed and needed.

The Surprise Me Crochet Pattern Bundle 40 designer crochet patterns from the top crochet bloggers and pattern designers.  

The best part?

Each pattern has been hand selected and curated to create a bundle full of premium quick patterns perfect for the Gift Giving Season or your gift gifting list. 

Every pattern is simple and a quick crochet so that you can work up in large or small quantities. Plus, when you snag this pattern bundle, not only do you get 40 designer patterns from top crochet bloggers and designers, but you also win prizes, sponsored by Premier Yarns!

To name a few…

  • 4 skeins of Hipster Cotton
  • 5 skeins of Colorfusion DK
  • 5 skeins of Bamboo Fair
  • 5 skeins of Ever Soft
  • 11 skeins of Anti-Pilling Everyday DK

We went out of our way to make the most amazing Surprise Me Crochet Pattern Bundle yet and tomorrow morning at 7am PT/10am ET the bundle launches.

Whether you’re in it for the awesome prizes or the designer crochet patterns, we’ve got you covered.

The sale only lasts for 5 days though! Don’t miss out on snagging your copy of the Surprise Me Crochet Pattern Bundle.

The sale ends December 9th! 

2 responses to “Don’t Miss The Surprise Me Crochet Pattern Bundle!”

  1. Quite awhile back I found a scarf , I think it was on “twisted “. It looked liked those candy dots you can bite off the paper strips. I don’t remember what they’re called. I would like to make this for my daughter. If this was one of your patterns can you send the link? If it’s not free that’s OK. I just know she would love this! Brings back memories!!

    • Hi MaryAnn, I have several scarf patterns but none that look like the candy you can bite off the paper strips. (I remember those!!) Feel free to look around my Etsy shop or Ravelry store for a great scarf pattern!

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