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5 Inspiring Quotes To Help You Get Ready For Craft Fair Season

5 inspiring quotes

Who else is excited for craft fair season?

I know I am, but I also know that as a one person show, Sept-December can be crazy.

I remember that year I had people picking up orders on Christmas Eve. Wowsa.

I also remember the year I made over 300 hats and crocheted my hands into a knotted mess.

Let’s just say, I’ve learned. A lot. About craft fair and market season.

As a small handmade business owner I need inspirational reminders. I bet you do, too. Over the years, I’ve collected quotes that inspire and motivate me. And sometimes, quotes that remind me to breathe.

Keep reading for 5 of my favorite quotes. Which one inspires you the most?

Save this post and share it with all your crafting friends who are feeling excited and overwhelmed at the same time.

Craft fair season is coming. You got this!

Boldness IS Genius

I just love this quote from Goethe. It’s a daily reminder to breathe life into my ideas by taking inspired action.

Remember to BREATHE

The last 4 months of the year seem to speed up. I swear everything moves at warp 100. As I type this, just thinking about what needs to be ready to rock and roll brings on a frantic energy. This quote reminds me to just breathe.


I learned a long time ago that I can’t do it all. At least not at the same time. In my crochet business, I’ve learned to delegate. The person I delegate to happens to be my husband. He is in charge of Shipping & Receiving. He’s also in charge of craft fair set up and tear down. Seriously, I couldn’t do what I do without his support and his willingness to be volunteer.

How Do You Define Success?

Everybody and their brother has an opinion on success. What matters the most is how you define it for you. For me, this quote sums it up nicely.

Done Is Better Than Perfect

I absolutely love that the root of perfect means “finished.” Take the pressure off yourself. Perfectionism is the biggest con your ego plays on you. And every time your inner perfectionist tries to intervene, you can hush her by simply saying, “it’s just an experiment.”

Let me know what quote speaks to you.

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